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When it comes to your privacy, you are under attack daily! From the minute you sign on to the network, spammers track your moves by utilizing cookies, spyware etc.. Don’t take your personal document shredding needs lightly, putting your bank statement in the trash is no longer an option. Hire a professional shredding company to destroy all your documents for the peace of mind. Neighborhood Parcel has been proudly serving the Southern New Hampshire region for over a decade, the company provides you the document shredding service solution you need.

How To Hire Shredding Service Company in New Hampshire

With some of the lowest prices around and Pay As You Go shredding plan, you can no longer afford to trash your documents. We are the only document shredding business in Nashua and Southern New Hampshire to offer Personal document shredding service without hidden fees, transportation charges or environment fees. Simply drop off your documents at our location and we do the shredding and send you a certificate of destruction upon job completion.

In-store Document shredding service that offers the same privacy and security without the transportation and hidden costs that others charge. Simply drop off your documents, pay as you go. Low Per pound fees starting at 89¢ per pound. Imagine having to explain to a customer — or worse, an employee — that their data or identity has been compromised. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but each year improper document management costs businesses just like yours millions of dollars in liability and/or lost productivity.

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Residential Shredding Service Choice For New Hampshire

Our Document shredding services can help by providing the right solution for you and your company. Employee records and customer information continue to be critical assets of any organization, requiring a proper handling. These assets can be found in a variety of formats and types: paper, media, electronic, bank statements, etc.. All of which must be protected and managed using the proper document shredding solutions to ensure:

  1. Data privacy and security.
  2. Compliance with regulatory requirements.
  3. Control and access to information.
  4. Cost control associated with information processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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