Scheduled Shredding Service

We can deliver and install a shredding bin of your choice: Console, 65 or 95 Gallon Containers, our company collects, transports and destroys the confidential documents in the most secure, compliant and environmentally-friendly manner. We offer multiple options for Document and Data Destruction Programs, including options to mix and match container sizes to fit the policies, procedures and office furniture setting for your business.

Scheduled Container Pickups are designed for customers in need of scheduled shredding or media destruction based upon policies determined by the company, their industry and/or their waste capacity. We service these bins as needed, you decide how often you need them serviced or simply call when they get close to full to schedule pick up.

residential shredding company

We will place locked, labeled containers in easy-to-find locations on your business’ property. After a pickup schedule has been determined, our Service Representatives will arrive at your location on your scheduled pickup date. They will collect and transport your labeled container(s) to destroy its contents at of our restricted access facilities.

Scheduled Shredding is ideal for:

  • Busy office where the shredding material is generated daily.
  • Data Security: Ensuring materials are being destroyed consistently and securely.
  • Businesses needing a Certificate of Destruction to maintain and record compliance with HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and State Privacy Laws.
  • Cost: Most cost efficient without having to spend labor and capital on shredders, average shredding job is $100 per call.

Shredding Bins and Containers:

Office Console 35” H x 19” W x 16” D 75-150 pounds
64 Gallon 42” H x 25” W x 30” D 150-250 pounds
95 Gallon 46.25” H x 27” W x 34” D 200-400 pounds

 Our Chain Of Custody

  1. Our friendly and well-trained Representatives will place secure, containers on your property and as instructed.
  2. After a pickup schedule has been determined, our employee will arrive at your location on your scheduled pickup date to collect your container(s). They will transport your labeled container(s) to one of our secure company trucks for destructionshredder-bins
  3. When your material arrives at one of our locked, restricted access facilities, it will remain under continuous video surveillance until it is weighed and destroyed.
  4. We unlock your container(s) and weigh your material on a scale professionally calibrated by a 3rd party vendor.
  5. A short conveyor transports your material from the pit into our shredder machine for destruction then compressing it into dense bales. The bales are then transported to a secure recycling mill.
  6. And finally, we provide your business with a Certificate of Destruction.

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Shredding Rates:

We kept the best part for last, unlike others who bill you to service containers that are not full and find every way to squeeze more out of you. We keep our pricing simple and fair:

  1. You lease the bins (any size and style) for $10 / Month billed Quarterly
  2. When the bins are full (in a month, a week, or year) you call to service them and we bill you a flat $100 per bin!
  3. No contracts, no hidden fees. Period!

Now you can go back to your boss and ask to take the rest of the day off because you just save him or her $$$ a year! Get started today by making online reservation here or call (978)636-0301