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Shredding Service North Andover

Not all shredding service companies are the same in North Andover MA!

In North Andover Massachusetts, residents and businesses looking to shred their old financial documents, Tax records, Xrays, Medial files or simply doing a document purge / clean out have so many choices of service providers in North Andover MA. Some ask you to ship them your documents, others will promise you the lowest rates just to find yourself in a Bait and Switch scheme. But how do you trust with your documents and better yet with your wallet?

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Shredding Company For North Andover MA

We may be biased here but we will let the facts speak for themselves. You should trust a company that:

  • Served the North Andover MA area since 2007
  • Proud Member of The Boston North Business Chamber since 2008.
  • A+ Rated Business with the Boston Better Business Bureau.
  • AAA Certified Plant and Operations.
  • Locally Owned and Operated business.
  • 100% Recycling of your material.
  • Lowest Shredding Rates in The North Andover MA Area.

Being a small business or a North Andover MA residents looking to securely shred personal documents, we know a good value when you see it. Document shredding service is no exception! We have designed and rolled out a drop-off shredding service plan with you in mind. It will offer you the same peace of mind you get with Mobile shredding but at a fraction of the cost. You can eliminate transportation charges, fuel and environmental fees if you can drop off your material at our convenient Lowell MA office, which is within 20 Mins from North Andover. It is proven to save you at least 43% Off your Mobile shredding service.

For large quantity, we offer a very affordable Off-site pick up service, where we do all the hauling and secure transport of your documents to our shredding plant where it gets shredded same day and you will receive a notarized certificate of destruction for your audit file and peace of mind.With rates as low as 89¢ /Lbs or $10.50 / Box you can have your old document shredded safely and within budget.

Hear What North Andover Residents Have To Say

” I spent weeks looking for a shredding service company that will come to my house and help me shred my old documents so I can finally use my garage. I as very pleased with George who took my call and was very reasonable and accommodating. “

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” For the love of God, you need to advertise in North Andover because people like me love businesses like yours. I was thrilled to discover your drop off service and you were the only one that was upfront in price and I admired your honesty. Your website is easy to navigate as well. A+ for honest and fair rates. Thank you “

Papa John Essex St North Andover MA 01845

This is only a small sample of the weekly testimonials we receive online and on our Social media. We do not ask you to ship us your boxes of documents, we do not ask you to re-mortgage your house, we provide you a convenient and economical shredding service that others charge a fortune for. To get started or to request a Free Shredding Quote, call us today (978)636-0301

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Medford MA Paper Shredding Service

Neighborhood Parcel Document Shredding has over a decade of experience in Shredding and Media Destruction services in Metro Medford MA. With our experience comes the knowledge of the correct equipment to destroy documents and media without losing focus on security and compliance. Our employees are trained in handling and securing your records in accordance with the latest State and Federal Privacy Laws. This is exceedingly important with the growing rate of the information explosion and identity theft. All businesses and area residents should be Shredding their personal records. It is our recommendation that businesses shred everything at the end of its life cycle to reduce risk.

Medford MA Choice For Shredding Service

Today there are laws in place to protect your customers, employees, or patients. By using our secure Document Shredding to destroy your records, you will be compliant with the destruction of your sensitive Documents. Neighborhood Parcel now provides residential drop-off shredding services for secure and convenient shredding. Residents in the Medford MA area are able to bring their personal documents and unused electronics to our Community Drop-off Center in Tewksbury MA.

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Spending your valuable time in front of a loud shredder is not the way you want to end your day or annoy your colleagues! Shredders, we a great was to keep your client’s data safe from the hands of Identity thieves, but as they evolved, they got bigger, louder and more expensive. But they remained an unreliable option: You cannot shred 10 pieces of paper before the unit overheating or jamming! Causing you to waste more of your valuable time and more importantly your office real estate.

If you hate dealing with your slow office shredder then you will love our office document shredding service! Retire your office shredder, save time and money and be The Office Hero you already are! Industrial Paper recycling plants like ours, have the capacity to shred and recycle up to 10,000 Lbs of paper per hour and allow us to shred for a fraction of the cost to operate your office shredder!

Medford MA Shredding Service Features

Identity theft affects 15 million people every year. Keeping confidential documents beyond their retention period could leave you open to risk. Evaluate your files and determine whether it is time to purge older documents to protect your personal information and identity.

  • Reduce Staff Labor Cost.
  • Eliminate Large capital investment in shredders and depreciation.
  • Noise Reduction in office.
  • Minimum disruption to your schedule.
  • HIPAA and FACTA Approved service.
  • Cost savings of up to 40%.

Neighborhood Parcel Shredding Plant near Medford MA is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) and adheres to its strict standard operating procedures and code of ethics in protecting your confidential information. Once your documents have been shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction to substantiate your compliance with information security regulations. In our initiative to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly community, all shredded documents are 100% recycled.

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Year End Document Purge

Year-End Document Purge Service: You may not be ready to go entirely paperless, but chances are good you’re hanging on to a lot more old documents. Now is a great time to fix that. After you’ve filed your tax return, you can get serious about reducing your financial document and old records clutter by shredding and purging them. Regain your office and storage space while maintaining your document security.

Annual Document Purge

Year End document purge is a good reminder as it coincides with fiscal year end. When you make the decision that you need to purge your old records, you will need to be extra careful in selecting the right shredding service provider. You must look for how the purging is done and at what cost. Our company can help you purge your old records without purging your budget. We offer secure shredding service that meets MA Privacy law, Facta, Sox, and HIPAA


Purging Your Old Documents

The Internal Revenue Service accepts electronic records, so you can scan receipts and download documents in PDF rather than hanging on to the paper versions. Often, you don’t even need to download, now that many financial institutions offer quick access to statements online. My local bank, for example, gives free online access to my statements for the past seven years. My Electricity Provider offers the same for six to seven years, while my retirement brokerage offers free access for 10 years.

Seven is a magic number. That’s how long the IRS typically has to audit your tax return. Your biggest risk is in the first three years after a return is due; the 2010 return that’s due this April can be audited under normal circumstances until April 2014. The IRS can extend that deadline by three years, to April 2017, if it suspects you underreported your income by 25% or more. There’s no deadline if you committed fraud or failed to file a return, but we’ll assume you’re not a crook and have stayed up-to-date. If you write off a bad debt or claim a tax break for worthless securities, you need to keep proof for seven years after filing -or until April 2018, for your 2010 return.

One-Time Old Documents Purge Service

Our document purge services are perfect for one-time, quarterly, bi-yearly, or annual clean outs of files or records beyond their retention periods. We shred your documents with the highest security, at the lowest cost, and in the most efficient manner possible to give you peace of mind about your sensitive documents and information.

The best way to avoid year-end paperwork panic is to set systems in place that will eliminate unnecessary paperwork and old records, dispose of received paperwork in secure ways, and organize finances so that reviewing them is an easy task. Keep only what’s necessary and next year’s year-end paper purge will be painless. To purge your old records, give us a call (978)636-0301 or get a free Quote here