Document Shredding Service Groton MA

Residential Shredding Service in Groton MA meets the needs of the self-employed as well as serving the occasional shredding needs of Groton MA residents and local businesses. We recommend shredding your unnecessary bank statements, invoices, utility bills and miscellaneous private information.  These sensitive documents are often thrown in the garbage or the recycle bin. This is risky, potentially dangerous behavior.  Our Groton MA customers may either drop off the collected material at our Lowell MA facilities or schedule a pick-up at their location by calling (978)636.0301


Our securely locked trucks come to your location in Groton MA for a scheduled pick up. The driver loads your documents and boxes on the truck and takes them back to the secure facility where it is shredded and baled on a large plant-based shredder. This offers the same level of security and confidentiality as off-site shredding, but at a more affordable price. Groton MA Residents can benefit from this service a great deal by reducing their shredding service cost by 30 to 60% Off Mobile shredding rates.

Groton MA Residential Shredding

Personal Files: Cleaning out your file cabinets and afraid to put your old files and records in the trash? We can shred your material in a safe and secure manner, our company can pick up and securely dispose of all your personal documents for as low as 89¢ / Lbs.


Home Business Files: Many prosperous Groton MA businesses are run out of the home and employ just 1-3 people. These SOHO (Small Office Home Office) businesses can manage a lot of paper and electronic material that needs to be destroyed by law. As a Groton Massachusetts Home-Based Business, you are not exempt from these federal and state requirements.

Our shredding service company can help because we keep our prices much lower than our competitors. We understand the special requirements of Home-Based Businesses, as well as the needs of large accounts. We are very flexible and can pick up your materials when you are in the office, no matter what time of day! No more waiting around…what time is good for you? Simply call us at 978.636.0301 to schedule your next shredding  job in Groton MA.

Drop-Off Location Near Groton MA

What if you could eliminate a major source of identity theft? what is the cost of your peace of mind? Now you can have all your personal documents shredded by simply dropping them off at our secure facility in Lowell MA. Located 30 Minutes northwest of Groton MA. You will be eliminating all transportation charges and saving even more by dropping off your material at our facility. Our staff will help you offload your material and send you a notarized Certificate of destruction upon request.

Drop off Location:

Neighborhood Parcel
1215 Main St. 
Tewksbury MA 01876
Tel (978)636-0301

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