Best Document Shredding Company

Best Document Shredding Company

Paper shredding is required by Federal and State law for many industries, including medical, legal and government agencies. These companies are required to keep their client data secure and maintain a paper trail of how sensitive documents have been stored and, ultimately, destroyed. These companies are often subjected to audits to ensure compliance to both federal and state regulations like Facta, HIPAA, GBLA . While comparing paper shredding companies, it is important to choose one that is certified, compliant. This means the company has been certified to follow all required safety procedures and will provide you with a certificate of destruction that serves as proof of compliance.

The practice of destroying confidential documents is a common one for most large corporations. But with the growing problem of identity theft today, it is becoming increasingly important for smaller businesses and even individuals to keep their sensitive information away from the roving eyes of criminals. That’s why Neighborhood Parcel Of Boston MA Area has created a new drop-off service that makes secure document destruction affordable and accessible to everyone.The most powerful and economical shredding service plan! Document shredding Service plan that was designed with consumers and small businesses in mind. While other large corporations nickel and dime you for everything they can; this secure document shredding plan will allow you to get the same benefits of secure and safe document destruction but without the high cost and hidden fees.Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA according to the National Crime Prevention Council. The average dollar amount charged in that theft is a whopping $92,893! And the number of hours an identity theft victim spends to recover from the theft is 600 hours!

Document Shredding Company

“In these tough economic times, shredding services can be expensive for many small businesses and individuals. That’s why we’ve created this service” says Mr. Webb, President of Shredding Company. “For a very small fee, customers can drop-off their confidential documents, we then shred and send them Notarized Certificate of Destruction”

Using a method of theft known as “dumpster diving”—scourging through dumpsters to find discarded credit card slips and other sensitive documents—thieves can obtain personal information that is later used for crimes such as credit card fraud, telephone fraud and identity theft. Routinely destroying documents can help prevent valuable personal information from falling into the wrong hands. It also guards against the theft of ideas and trade secrets that can devastate a small business. Some examples of the items that are destroyed at our Shredding company include financial records, payroll records, customer lists, legal documents, canceled checks and tax records.

In addition to protecting their confidential information, our customers are also contributing to the protection of the environment. All destroyed customer documents are sent to a paper manufacturing facility where they are converted into toilet paper, hand towels, recycled paper and other finished consumer products. In addition to significantly minimizing the number of trees cut down every year, Neighborhood Parcel‘s business practices help to reduce the amount of waste sent to the country’s landfills. For more information on our Long List of secure document shredding services, visit us online or Call one of our document privacy experts at (978)636-0301

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