Document Shredding Waltham MA

Document Shredding Waltham MA

At Neighborhood Parcel our single focus is providing our Waltham MA area customers peace of mind by ensuring that their confidential documents are discarded in the most secure and HIPAA compliant way. We’ll help you choose the Media destruction service that best suits your needs and budget.  Numerous Federal and Massachusetts laws require Waltham MA Area businesses and other organizations to protect sensitive information that is often kept about customers, employees, etc.  This information often includes names, social security numbers, credit card or account data and other information necessary to perform a multitude of business functions.

If a Massachusetts business or other organization should experience a security breach, the results can be catastrophic – often leading to identity theft, fraud, lawsuits and substantial fines and penalties. Additionally, many of these same laws and regulations require “policies and procedures” pertaining to the safeguarding of information must be developed and implemented. Failing to do so can also result in substantial fines and penalties being imposed on violators.

Shredding Service Company Of Choice For Waltham MA

We are a professional document and data destruction company based in Tewksbury MA, providing the most secure, efficient, simple and cost-effective plan for destroying confidential information for Waltham MA area businesses and residents.  Our secure shredding services are compliant with the requirements of various laws and regulations including but not limited to the Federal Disposal Rule, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH), the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), and the Financial Modernization Act a.k.a. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB).

Off-site shredding service truck

Media Destruction Services

Regardless of which shredding service you choose our commitment to meet your requirements and provide the best service possible remains the same. It’s our delivery of the most secure service available that makes our Waltham area shredding services the best in the business.

  • Transparency: Flat Rates, No hidden fees, no contracts.
  • Security-trained Representatives with an unmatched knowledge of compliance standards.
  • Secure transport of your documents.
  • Unlike some of our competitors, your documents are destroyed at our secure facility and witnessed by MA Notary Public.
  • Our proprietary technology offers 100% Recycling.

Tougher MA privacy legislation and enforcement policies have reputable companies consulting with us for our expertise and thorough understanding of legislation around Massachusetts. They look to us for document shredding solutions that will keep them compliant today and as their business needs change. The need to shred is clear but the best way to do it isn’t. Many Waltham MA businesses buy one or several shredders but discover the high cost and low security of shredding in-house make this a poor option. Maintenance costs, replacement costs and employee costs quickly overcome the costs of a professional shredding service.

Document Shredding Options:

  1. Recurring service – We will place locked containers in your office and on a weekly or monthly basis come by and shred everything inside.
  2. Purge service – For yearly clean outs. We come and shred all your expired documents. Don’t worry, our off-site shredder can do mountains of shredding in minutes.
  3. Drop Off Service – You simply bring your documents to us for shredding and save even more with Zero transportation cost and No Appointments. Shredding Rates as low as 89¢ / Lbs.

Why You should Shred Documents:

Everyone understands you can’t just toss personal information into the trash. The problem is what to do with all the junk mail that piles up every day. You might have a home shredder but that is just not powerful enough to handle more than a few sheets. We all understand the devastating results of information falling into the hands of criminals, competitors or the media. Now add your local District Attorney to the list. With HIPAA, GLBA and FACTA the proper care, custody and control that you exercise over your customers’ personal information is now up for legal scrutiny. Penalties for violating these laws include fines and jail time.

Our Document Destruction provides a secure, easy and cost-effective solution for the destruction of sensitive information. It offers power and convenience of a shredding service but at a better rate for area residents. You can drop off your boxes of shredding at our Tewksbury MA locations or have it picked up at your house in Waltham MA for a small transportation charge.

Drop-Off Shredding Service Location Near Waltham MA

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