Document Shredding Woburn MA

At Neighborhood Parcel our single focus is providing our Woburn MA area customers peace of mind by ensuring that their confidential documents are discarded in the most secure and HIPAA compliant way. We’ll help you choose the shredding service that best suits your needs and budget. Area businesses and residents have a new choice when it comes to the secure destruction of their personal or clients documents. They can now select our convenient drop off location for maximum savings or schedule an off-site shredding service at their location in Woburn MA 01801.

Document Shredding Woburn MA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act ( HIPAA), enacted by the federal government in 1996, is intended to safeguard the privacy of patient health records. The law provides for stiff penalties for companies found to be in violation of HIPAA regulations. A full text of regulations is available from the U.S. Department of Human Services.

Identity theft is on the rise and that is one of the reasons you want to be careful about the way you handle documents that include your personal data or information about your clients. For more information about identity theft and privacy protection, click here

Off-site shredding service truck

Don’t trash your documents, others may access it and compromise your data, our technology will shred your documents to dust almost, the process is called pulverization.  Our most affordable plan is in store, where you bring the material to us for shredding, no transportation cost or hidden costs, simply pay per pound. Same quality service without the extra fees, shredding rates starting at 89¢ /Pound.

Off-Site Shredding Service Choice In Woburn MA

Our truck allows us to pick up at our location and shred in our secure facility. Our off-site document destruction service eliminates any chain of custody issues and gives you the assurance that your documents have been destroyed properly. All our clients receive a Notarized certificate of destruction verifying the shredding of documents and providing a legal audit trail.

We play a very important role in protecting our natural resources. Recycling paper allows us to recover waste paper and turn that waste stream into useful products. We are pleased to report that 100% of our waste stream is recycled. We never use landfills to dispose of our waste. Paper recycling not only saves trees, but it also saves oil, energy, water, and saves significant landfill space. A paper recycling program is something that every responsible business should be involved in.

Drop-Off Shredding Location Near Woburn MA

This drop-off shredding location near Woburn MA 01801 is a great option for shredding those old personal and medical documents that have been piling up in your home office. Neighborhood Parcel is proud to provide the residents of Woburn MA with a drop-off shredding service option for maximum savings. Our drop-off shredding location in Tewksbury MA stores your documents in a secure bin or lock box. Drop-off shredding service is a great option for those that do not want to buy a home shredder and also do not have enough documents to warrant having a shredding truck come to your home and shred the documents. Our Drop-off shredding service is a fast, reliable and secure way to destroy your sensitive paper documents. If you would like to watch the documents as they are shredded or if you have a large volume to shred we are happy to send a mobile shred truck to your location. (*) Additional Fee Apply

Drop-Off Shredding Service Location Near Woburn MA

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