Document Shredding Peabody MA

Despite the desire of many to create an electronic revolution, a paperless society, we’ve just not achieved that state of nirvana yet. For most people and Peabody MA businesses, paper is a necessity and a luxury at the same time. The fact of the matter is people like to touch, fold, file, stack and retain documents. Therein lies the problem. People like paper. They hang onto pieces, documents, shipping receipts, invoices, and sales call reports and make stacks on desks , basements, attics and floors.

Your business is entrusted with sensitive, proprietary information. Should it fall into the wrong hands through negligent disposal, that minor headache could balloon into a major legal, regulatory and financial liability. Recent Federal and State laws requiring secure destruction of documents are now tougher, with stiffer penalties.

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Where To Shred Personal Documents Near Peabody MA

Our company provides secure document destruction services for any size business and area residents of Peabody Massachusetts. From sole owners to high profile firms from law firms to major hospitals and the Federal government, our document destruction services have earned a solid reputation and the trust of top local businesses.

When Paper documents need to go because of limited storage or simply to do an Office document purge, shredding the material is the safest way to safeguard your client’s identity and comply with Facta and HIPAA. To make it convenient, we can deliver a customized paper shredding program using either off-site shredding or our drop off  facility in Tewksbury MA. With our company, it’s more than document shredding we care about. Our number one goal is to protect your reputation and your customer’s confidence in your business.

Document Shredding Peabody MA

Paper isn’t the only thing customers want to keep from prying eyes. In fact,  retailers and manufacturers who are sensitive about a well-established brand image have asked us to destroy product overruns and items that didn’t meet standards. Specially certified to address even the most sensitive destruction projects, we’ve been called upon to shred gift cards, financial records, DVDs, even hard drives.

We are BNBA A+ Certified and guaranteed to render materials legally non-negotiable and indecipherable. The following is a partial list of materials that can be handled in our off-site facility:

  • Computer Media
  • Electronic Storage Media
  • DVDs, CDs, Video Tapes
  • Software
  • Misprints, Overruns
  • Recalled, Outdated Products
  • Defective, Off-Spec Products
  • Books
  • Bank Statements
  • Magazines
  • Credit, Debit & Gift Cards
  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Legal Paper
  • Checks
  • Tickets, Stamps
  • X-rays
  • Casino Chips
  • Playing Cards
  • Medical Records
  • Driver’s Licenses

What Is The Nearest Shredding Center To Northshore MA

Neighborhood Parcel has been servicing Peabody, MA and the Northshore since 2007 and provides the most effective method of destroying confidential materials. We offer Drop-Off and Off-Site paper shredding services. Expect high quality, secure and the lowest shredding rates in the Boston MA area. We guarantee prompt and professional shredding of your personal and business materials. If you have materials such as: X-rays, old medical files, financial, real estate documents, invoices, legal records and other confidential materials contact us at 978-636-0301 for a free estimate.

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