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Billerica Document Shredding Service

Introducing a document shredding service plan for Billerica MA area residents and businesses: Every business and household collect and store private information in form of billing statements, invoices, credit cards, memos, mail and much more.  However, not every business protects this information properly as required by federal, state, and local regulations.  The Federal Trade Commission provides guidelines such as HIPAA,  FACTA, and GBLA  that businesses must now abide by. Protect your business reputation and your customer’s private information with our secure shredding services. We offer solutions for every size business and household in Billerica MA. From frequent shredding to one-time  document purge, you can count on our secure and convenient services to keep your business compliant with the law and your private information out of the reach of the wrong hands.

Cheap Shredding Service Billerica MA

Billerica Business owners, Do you have an employee that manually shreds your documents? May seem to make sense for some small Billerica MA businesses, however, you still run the risk of exposing confidential information. In addition, you may be spending more money with your in-house shredding. Average sized bankers box will take about 2 hours to shred. Your average employee wage is $14.50 an hour, which is $29.00 per box plus the purchase and maintenance of a shredder. Contact us to see how our Shredding service can be more cost effective for your business.

Off-site shredding service truck

Paper Shredding Billerica MA

Choose a shredding service that cares! All the paper that we shred is recycled 100% Including the cardboard boxes. We have paper recycling in mind in everything we do from paying our invoices to utilizing the latest technology to reduce carbon emissions of our trucks and shredding plant. It is more than a good feel exercise, we are in it because we care about recycling and reducing waste. We can help Billerica MA residents and businesses shred and recycle all your documents while saving them a lot of money over the other big corporations.

Fun Facts

  • Every ton of paper that we recycle in Billerica saves 15 trees.
  • Manufacturing with recycled materials, with very few exceptions, saves energy and water and produces less air and water pollution than manufacturing with virgin materials.
  • Recycling conserves natural resources, such as timber, water, and minerals.
    A national recycling rate of 30% reduces greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing nearly 25 million cars from the road.
  • Every bit of recycling makes a difference. For example, one year of recycling on just one college campus, Stanford University, saved the equivalent of 33,913 trees and the need for 636 tons of iron ore, coal, and limestone.
  • Recycling creates 1.1 million U.S. jobs, $236 billion in gross annual sales and $37 billion in annual payrolls.

Is this You?

  • It’s too time-consuming feeding one piece of paper at a time through my shredder.
  • I hate having to deal with endless paper jams!
  • I don’t want to have to maintain the equipment myself and dispose of the paper myself.
  • My shredder is such a pain to deal with that I end up just throwing away stuff that I should probably shred.
  • I’ve got kids that get into EVERYTHING and it makes me nervous having a paper shredder around Billerica MA house.

Personal shredders were at one point only found in office environments.  As incidents of identity theft have grown, concerned Billerica Residents and Businesses began buying these paper shredders as a means of destroying their own confidential information.  Many of these paper shredders, having been built for adult operation in office environments, lacked safety standards like on/off buttons and had large enough slots for small body parts to touch the blades.  As a result, there have been a number of reports of small children injuring (and losing) fingers, and dogs getting ears or tongues caught in the blades.If you own a personal home shredder, take the necessary precautions to prevent these types of injuries, like keeping it out of reach of small children or pets, keeping it unplugged when not in use, never allow your children to operate the machine, and be careful to remove any and all hanging items or loose fitting clothes when operating it yourself.  Or, simply dump your personal home shredder and drop your confidential material off at a Drop Off location Or Call us for Off Site shredding Service at 978-636-0301

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