Shred Residential Documents

Boston Paper Shredding Company

Secure destruction of your sensitive materials is essential for any size organizations: Small or Large. Choosing the right company that you can trust is the most important step toward ensuring that the document shredding services you receive are not only secure and on time, but convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well. That is why you should turn to for all your document destruction needs.

shredding service invoice shock

What Big Shredding Companies Don’t want you to know

So you got that quote in writing and now you are ready for the big surprise of your life! Shredding companies like Shredit, Cintas and Iron Mountain are finding ways to miss lead their unsuspecting clients out of hundreds of dollars! Clients are often surprised when they get their final invoice, the rates are usually higher than quoted amounts. Here are few secrets that the BIG shredding companies don't want you to know