Document Shredding Service Quincy MA

Quincy MA Customers have a new choice for their document shredding service! Paper Shredding is necessary! Putting your office paper waste in the dumpster, curbside garbage bin, or paper recycling container does not protect your identity from getting into the wrong hands! Here is why you should hire a professional shredding service company to safeguard your personal files and documents if you live in and around Quincy MA:

  • Home paper shredding machines, like the kind they sell at office supply stores are not made for large volumes of paperwork. Shredding even 2 or 3 boxes of papers with a few unopened letters or file folders will probably cause it to jam and start smoking, unless you want to sit there for hours and separate the papers, paper by paper or in 2-5 sheet quantities and feed them in manually.  Unopened mail, such as envelopes with bank statements or credit card bills will generally jam most home paper shredding machines quickly.
  • Office paper shredding machines will work with large quantities of paper. However, not only are they expensive and require maintenance…using these machines is also a time-consuming task and not suitable for skilled workers. It decreases morale for a worker who is qualified to do specialized work to have to frequently stand next to a shredding machine doing menial, unskilled labor.

Overall business productivity, profits, and organization can be greatly increased with regularly off-site paper shredder service.  We, therefore, recommend that both homeowners and especially businesses use a paper shredding service! Pricing may be determined by the weight of the paper shredded, or the amount of time the shredding truck is shredding your papers.

We are Proud to offer Quincy MA customer a choice when it comes to document shredding, our company provides both Off-site and drop-off shredding service plans. Both are proven to save you time and money:

Drop-Off Shredding Around Quincy MA

Drop off your documents at our convenient location in Lowell MA and save $$! There are many situations when a MA and NH businesses and area residents may need immediate document destruction “yesterday.”  Sometimes, due to high work volume and deadlines, office cleanup may not be managed perfectly or, perhaps a deadline for disposing of documents has to be pushed forward because of a move or an inspection. Whatever the reason, drop off document shredding service is your best and most common sense means to an end.

Drop Off Shredding Service meets the needs of homeowners and the self-employed.  It has become commonplace to shred your unnecessary bank statements, invoices, utility bills and miscellaneous private information including Electronics and Media. These sensitive documents are often thrown in the garbage or the recycle bin. This is risky, potentially dangerous behavior.

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Off-Site Shredding For Quincy MA

Off-site shredding service is convenient because every customer is unique, and our trained document shredding specialists will offer suggestions as to what shredding service best fits your needs. We offer pick up service for clients who would like to save employee time and money from internal office paper shredding. We also offer a one-time paper shredding service also known as a “purge” service. This service is designed for clients who wish to destroy documents that have accumulated over a period of time. With every service, we provide a certificate of destruction. A certificate of destruction is your legal audit trail that shows an auditor that you are in complete compliance with all State and Federal paper shredding laws.

We service Small and Large Size companies and Quincy MA residents. We offer the most comprehensive options including Off-Site shredding and Drop-Off shredding services.

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