Personal Document Shredding Service

Personal Document Shredding Service

When it comes to your privacy, you are under attack daily! From the minute you sign on to the network, spammers track your moves by utilizing cookies, spyware etc.. Don’t take your personal shredding needs lightly, putting your bank statement in the trash is no longer an option. Hire a professional shredding company to destroy all your documents for the peace of mind. Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA provides you the document shredding service solution you need.

With some of the lowest prices around and Pay As You Go shredding plan, you can no longer afford to trash your documents. We are the only document shredding business in metro Boston MA to offer Personal document shredding service without hidden fees, transportation charges or environment fees. Simply drop off your documents at our location and we do the shredding and send you a certificate of destruction upon job completion.

How To Shred Personal Documents

Small businesses are taking advantage of this plan to keep document destruction and shredding affordable! Shredding is no longer an option for businesses that keep records of their clients. They are now obligated by law to destroy their records on a regular basis to avoid Identity theft.

Homeowners and home offices and need to shred their important documents for the same reasons large businesses do – to protect your credit, your privacy and your customers. At Neighborhood Parcel, we offer Massachusetts(MA), Boston, Lowell MA and New England area’s most affordable document shredding service to residential shredding and home office shredding customers.  We even have a special program that allows home offices to utilize a drop off document shredding plan for a fraction of the cost others charge.

Don’t let identity theft happen to you!shredding service company Boston MA

By now, identity theft has happened to you or someone you know. Law enforcement officials estimate identity theft occurs every 3 seconds and affects 10 million people per year. The FTC estimates it takes 200 to 600 hours of your time to resolve an identity theft situation. How much is your time worth? Don’t take chances.

Residential Shredding Service meets the needs of the self-employed as well as serving the occasional shredding needs of any resident of the New England area. We recommend shredding your unnecessary bank statements, invoices, utility bills and miscellaneous private information.  These sensitive documents are often thrown in the garbage or the recycle bin. This is risky, potentially dangerous behavior.  Our customers may either drop off the collected material at our Tewksbury MA facility Or schedule a pick-up by calling (978)636-0301


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