Legal Document Shredding

The relationship between lawyer and client is based on trust. Lawyers are privy to an endless amount of sensitive information each day, protected by extensive levels of confidentiality and privacy laws. Much of this information is documented on paper for ease of access by all involved parties.

Unfortunately, this can make it easy for other unwanted parties to access improperly disposed of information. Identity theft is just one of the ways that this information can be used. In the legal profession, privacy is integral and a lapse in security can potentially create disastrous results.

How To Shred Old Legal Documents

Since the Privacy Act of 1974, there have been rules and regulations in place to protect any records or data that can be linked to specific individuals. This also weighs heavily both on how documents are handled and destroyed.

It is not enough to have employees shred your sensitive documents or hope that nobody will look through your trash. The Federal Trade Commission has created a set of regulations on the destruction of sensitive data that can make this unlawful. Companies and firms who dispose of their data improperly can face tough fines and action by the FTC.

Protect Your Clients and Your Law Firm has years of experience destroying sensitive legal documents and private client information. We provide document shredding services for all law firms and lawyers throughout MA, NH, ME, RI and the surrounding areas.

We have a long list of positive references from lawyers and law firms, who are pleased with the high standards we set for security and convenience. Our document destruction services cater specifically to your needs, whether you need one-time shredding, recurring, or CD destruction. If your company needs scheduled shredding, we will provide you with a bin for your office at low shredding rates.

Additionally, you will receive a Notarized Certificate of Destruction for all destroyed documents, records, and CDs. Your items will be secure as we follow (and exceeds) the safety procedures set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.

Our staff is experienced in legal document destruction. More than that, they have all been heavily screened, including extensive background checks, drug testing, and credit checks. This data will be transferred to our warehouse, where you can rest easy as it is in good hands from pickup to final shredding. Call us today to schedule service: 978.636.0301

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