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For the past decade, document shredding and media destruction have been on the minds of US Congress, Financial, and the Medical industries. Today, almost everyone needs to shred something. With the proliferation of identity theft and electronic fraud, organizations–both large and small–must address this critical issue. Holding information beyond its required retention period incurs unnecessary storage costs and leaves you vulnerable to risks of theft, misuse, disclosure, legal discovery, and non-compliance fines. This is why we offer Secure Shredding services that can help you establish a secure, compliant, comprehensive, and cost-effective information disposal solution right at your location. This way you ensure your company or personal documents are shredded and you will receive our notarized certificate of destruction for your peace of mind and compliance.

shredding company Saugus MA

Document Shredding in Massachusetts

Every year improper document management costs businesses millions of dollars in liability and lost productivity. Our secure Paper Shredding & Media Destruction services can help you implement a low-cost, secure, and compliant document shredding solution anywhere in Massachusetts.

In order to meet our customer’s high-security standards, the Boston North Business Association for Information Destruction certifies our Document Shredding services. Once the shredding is completed, your company will be provided with a Notarized Certificate of Destruction that will help you comply with HIPAA, Facta, Sox and MA privacy Laws. To get started please call (978)636-0301 or request a free shredding quote.

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