What Big Shredding Companies Don’t want you to know

Shredding Companies Secrets

So you got that quote in writing and now you are ready for the big surprise of your life! Shredding companies like Shredit, Cintas and Iron Mountain are finding ways to miss lead their unsuspecting clients out of hundreds of dollars! Clients are often surprised when they get their final invoice, the rates are usually higher than quoted amounts. Here are few secrets that the BIG shredding companies don’t want you to know:

  • Quotes often don’t include fuel and environmental fees. This often an additional charge of 15 to 30% More.
  • Your Shredding job is based on a time allowance, you will be billed extra for every minute the driver spends at your place.
  • The material they shred is sold in the paper commodity market for additional revenue.
  • Quotes are often higher for residential customers, BIG shredding companies don’t want to tie up their trucks in residential areas.
  • Quotes are never guaranteed.

What you need to know before hiring the next shredding company

  1. Check the shredding company reputation online and ask for referrals.
  2. When you get a quote make sure that you get it in writing.
  3. Watch out for hidden fees.
  4. Consider Off-Site shredding or drop off service, it is 30 to 60% cheaper. The same level of security as the On-site shredding but done at high capacity shredding plant resulting in more savings for you and the company.
  5. Ask for Notarized Certificate of destruction.

Our Shredding Service Difference

Our company has been serving Massachusetts and New Hampshire area residents and businesses for over a decade, we have been saving customers money with every shredding job! 82% Of our business is based on customer referrals. We do not have fancy websites, 6 figure CEO’s or greedy stockholders to report to. We are locally owned and operated company that is fully invested in the community, and gives back to local charities every chance we get. Here are few things that set us apart from the others:

  • Our company is fully endorsed by Boston Business Association.
  • Locally Owned And Operated Business since 2004.
  • A+ BBB rating.
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden fees. Period!
  • Seven days a week operation.
  • Notarized Certificate of destruction.
  • 100% Paper and Cardboard Recycling.
  • Low overhead, means low cost and low pricing.
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price.

Compare Shredding Companies:

We are simply put the best value for your buck! We are so confident that you will love our shredding service that we are listing the competition here for your review! Check out the competition and call us back (978)636-0301:

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