Document Shredding Boylston MA

Document shredding and media destruction just got easier in Boylston MA. We proudly serve greater the greater Boylston MA community including businesses, citizens, local agencies, law, and medical offices. Our shredding services provide relief and freedom from the clutter of heavy loads of old files and statements. We offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing the personal information is no longer floating around with the possibility of falling into the wrong hands. Document shredding with Neighborhood Parcel is a tool in fighting identity theft, fraud, and improper record discourse. State and federal agencies mandate the privacy and security of client and client information in a number of industries. Save your business the cost and headache of expensive personal shredders and call Neighborhood Parcel to haul away your old records and files. We are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, a locally owned and operated company and we are available 7 days a week. So take a headache out of shredding and experience the lowest shredding rates in the area!


Environmentally friendly shredding service for Boylston MA.

For residents and businesses in Boylston MA with small document shredding jobs,  our drop-off document shredding plan is the ideal solution. You cannot go wrong with our 89¢ /Lbs flat rates and convenient location in Tewksbury MA. Our drop off shredding service is conveniently located at The Neighborhood Parcel Store in Tewksbury MA. You will find that our paper shredding services are secure, affordable and reliable. Join the hundreds of Boylston MA customers, give us a try by calling us today at (978)636-0301

How Our Drop-Off Shredding Service Works:

  1. No Appointments Needed.
  2. Walk into our drop-off location with papers that you want shredded.
  3. One of our trained professionals will weigh your documents for you.
  4. Pay 89¢ /Lbs for the shredding and $14.95 flat rate for environmental fees.
  5. Once your material is shredded at the end of the day, you will receive our Notarized Certificate Of Destruction.
  6. No Minimums, No Contracts.
  7. HIPAA Compliant Service.
  8. 100% Recycling.

With identity thefts continually rising year after year, data protection has never been so important. Neighborhood Parcel can help you protect your identity and help your business comply with the latest HIPAA rules and requirements. For larger quantities of paper, we recommend you consider our secure and affordable Off-site shredding plan.


“I was planning a move from my house in  Boylston MA, I could not find a trustworthy Shredding Service Near Me, my doctor mentioned your company as the one he used for many years at his Beverly MA office. I called George, he was very nice and explained to me how different your service was from Staples, or UPS shredding. I would not be leaving my confidential documents with a teenager at UPS store or Staples, your staff shreds daily and my documents will be securely shredded the same day then I would receive a Notarized certificate of destruction, something UPS and Staples do not provide. So, I am happy to recommend Neighborhood Parcel shredders for anyone in Middleton, Beverly or Noryh Shore”

Debbie Urla. Oceanview Dr, Boylston MA

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