How To Comply with MA Privacy Laws

New Massachusetts Privacy Law Requires Proper Document Shredding for consumer Privacy compliment of Document Shredding Press Release. Most of the identity thieves will do whatever they can to get to your information, including digging through your trash, document destruction is ideal to keep your documents safe and secured.

“Our Drop-off shredding service in metro Boston, Lowell MA is gaining momentum as more and more people are taking privacy matters more seriously and coming to our location to drop off their documents in bags, boxes, bins, trunk loads. The flat rate drop off fee is very low, customers don’t have to worry about transportation charges or hidden fees, prices start at 89 cents per pound, or $15.00 for a box of paper, we send Notarized certificate of destruction upon job completion” stated Mr. Bechat CEO of

For small businesses, shredding office papers is now a matter of compliance with the law! thanks to the latest legislation and privacy laws such as HIPAA, Facta. For the latest information about shredding services and privacy laws, point your browser to


Identity theft is a hot topic. You hear about it on television credit card commercials, and you hear people talking about it in their everyday lives. Don’t make it easy for thieves to steal your documents, always shred them for maximum security. Our Shredding Service Company can help area residents in MA, NH, ME and RI shred all their documents: Bank Statements, Mortgage applications, pay stubs, etc for some of the lowest prices around.

The problem is that many people don’t take it seriously and they don’t take the necessary protective measures. Residential Document shredding Service, the cure to Identity Theft.Every 3.5 seconds in the United States, someone’s identity is stolen. Unfortunately, many view identity theft as an ‘online’ only problem. It’s true that phishing scams, Trojans, and other forms of cybercrime are a factor, but there are also far more low-tech means of identity theft – including digging through your garbage or stealing your wallet or purse. You can minimize your risk by following these ten tips:

  1. Never carry more credit cards than you need and cancel credit card accounts you don’t use.
  2. Never carry your social security card. Likewise, don’t disclose your social security number unless absolutely necessary, i.e. for banking or tax purposes.
  3. Shred or burn papers with credit card or bank account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.;
  4. Don’t put your Social Security number on anything, unless it is legally required. And don’t have it printed on your checks. For those of you with driver licenses that routinely use your Social Security number, check with your DMV to see if they offer another option.
  5. Check your credit report once or twice a year to make sure it doesn’t have accounts you don’t know about.

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