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By now, identity theft has happened to you or someone you know. Law enforcement officials estimate identity theft occurs every 3 seconds and affects 10 million people per year. The FTC estimates it takes 200 to 600 hours of your time to resolve an identity theft situation. How much is your time worth? Don’t take chances.

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How To Protect Your Identity In 10 Easy Steps

Americans are facing an attack on their personal and financial privacy unlike that seen by any prior generation. Shielding your private financial information with no risk of a breakdown may be impossible these days. But its critical to understand how your privacy can be compromised and the consequences of such a breach -- and take a few simple steps to, if nothing else, better the odds in your favor.

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In store Document shredding service that offer the same privacy and security without the transportation and hidden costs that others charge. Simply drop off your documents, pay as you go. Low Per pound fees starting at 35 cents per pound. Imagine having to explain to a customer — or worse, an employee — that their data or identity has been compromised.